Bach ~ St John Passion

The collect for Good Friday

Jacob Händl - Ecce quomodo moritur

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27th March



Bach’s timeless setting of the greatest story of all time as told by St John is an essential Easter liturgical experience; as moving and important an annual event for musicians as audiences around the world. 

Opening with the collect for Good Friday, read by Fr Sam Korn, our pared-down John Passion for distanced times is the seventh concert in our ‘Live from St Mary’s, London’ series, which opened in August 2020 as a response to the first lockdown. We close with Jacobus Händl’s Ecce quomodo moritus, which in Bach's Leipzig was sung at the Good Friday vespers, following the Passion and before the final collect & benediction. 


Soprano: Helena Moore, Danni O’Neill

Alto: Rebecca Leggett, Elisabeth Paul

Tenor: Ruairi Bowen (evangelist), Oscar Golden-Lee 

Bass: Gavin Cranmer-Moralee (Jesus), Humphrey Thompson (Pilate, Peter)


Violin: Maxim del Mar, Sophie Simpson

Viola: Joanna Patrick

Cello: Rachel Kay 

Oboe: Nicola Barbagli, Angelika Stangl

Flute: Rosie Bowker, William Summers

Chamber Organ: Richard Gowers


Director: Toby Ward


Hosted by St Mary’s, Bourne St., by kind permission of the Fr Andrew Walker, Fr Sam Korn and churchwardens.

2021 St John Passion.jpeg